Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Goddess

In France, the DS was nicknamed “the Goddess” after a pun on the initials DS (Deésse). The DS was drawn by Italian sculptor and artist Flaminio Bertoni and was exceptionally futuristic when presented in 1955 with its design and self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension. When the car of the century was announced in 1999, the DS came third after the Mini and winner, the Ford Model T.

Even by today’s standards, the DS both look and is quite futuristic - considering it was last manufactured over 30 years ago - with features like swivelling headlights and the self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension, it also had hydraulics for the clutch and transmission - at the time something that was absolutely revolutionary. It was further equipped with a fibreglass roof to reduce weight transfer and different front and rear track width and tyre sizes to reduce understeer and the first car to be fitted with discbrakes as standard.

Despite the rather leisurely acceleration afforded by its small four-cylinder engine, the DS was successful in motorsports like rallying, where sustained speeds on poor surfaces are paramount, and it won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1959 and 1966.

I think this is an absolutely amazing car which may alienate some with its appearance but will then proceed to charm the proverbial pants off them once started. It’s like an old grandpa which may look old and frail but will soon enchant you with stories of his youth, and soon you’re in a different world where all is possible. That’s the Citroën DS I know.


Bell & Ross Instrument BR Heritage Watches

At Baselworld, Swiss luxury watchmaker Bell & Ross will unveil its
newest model, the Instrument BR Heritage, inspired by the
instrumentation found on 1940's military aircraft. The watch will be
produced in both the XXL 46mm "BR 01" and 42mm "BR 03" variations,
with cases manufactured from 316L stainless steel. The cases are bead
blasted and finished with a matte black carbon powder coating to
ensure no light is reflected. The matte black dial displays a
distinctive sand-colored luminous material unique to this model, which
is water resistant to 100 metres.

The watch's self-winding movement offers a power reserve of
approximately 42 hours, and is equipped with a stop-seconds feature
for the sweep second hand.  The BR 03 Heritage model also features a
rapidly adjustable date display. The Instrument BR Heritage watches
are presented on a vintage-style tan leather strap stamped with the
Bell & Ross logo and the notation "Aviation Type-Military Spec,"
finished with a broad tang buckle in powder-coated stainless steel. An
alternative version in heavy duty synthetic fabric is also provided;
we recommend it as the stamped leather is a bit naff.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Canadian Superyacht Alert! The Spirit of 2010

At the recent Vancouver Boat Show, British Columbia-based Platinum
Marine Services unveiled the Spirit of 2010, its new 36.5-metre
superyacht. The €9 million tri-deck ship features three lounges, five
staterooms and an €150,000 entertainment system that includes a dozen
flat-screen TVs. The large forward lounge has paneled walls, a wet bar
and coffered ceiling all finished in Makore, a rich African mahogany.
Makore was used liberally throughout the craft, giving it an old world
men's club feel – none of that minimalist claptrap here.

Other features include an elegant spiral staircase with a stainless
steel banister, a screening room in the aft lounge, a 900-gallon hot
tub, and frameless oversized windows throughout. The Spirit of 2010
accommodates 12 guests and 6 crew. Naval architect George Roddan
designed her for maximum fuel efficiency without sacrificing
performance, and she has a range of 2,000 nautical miles at 8 – 10
knots. More than enough to get the hell out of Canada, anyway. See you
in Mexico, eh?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Frauscher Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli

Luxury German boatbuilder Frauscher is coming out with a beautiful new
speedboat mixing modern and classic in honor of boatracing legend
racer Dino Feltrinelli. Feltrinelli, himself born of an Italian
boatbuilding family that has long been allianced to Frauscher, won
many racing trophies in the 1930s and '40s. Frauscher, founded in
1927, commissioned designer Annette Hintwirth to come up with a craft
that celebrated Feltrinelli's racing glory while showcasing the best
contemporary style. Powering the black, teak and white rocket is a
Volvo Penta V8 engine.

Hintwirth designed the front area of the boat for maximum flexibility.
A height-adjustable table turns into a foundation for the generous
lounge area, or at the touch of a button it can be made to disappear
completely into the body of the boat. The driver's seats can turn 360°
degrees to form a conversation group when the boat is moored, and real
waterproof leather was used for the upholstery throughout. At a
certain speed the wind protection shield automatically rises to offer
additional cover for the driver.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Persuader!

One of the most beautiful Ferraris never made. The Dino's sole reason for being was that Ferrari did not want to diminish his brand by having “cheap” cars in the lineup. Originally it was planned that all Ferraris not having 12 cylinders would be called Dino but that idea was scrapped after the 308 GT4. The first 206 GT was conceived by Enzo to compete in price with the Porsche 911, as Ferrari's at the time cost around twice as much. The name was chosen in order to honor Enzo Ferrari's son Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari who died in 1956 from muscular dystrophy.

With its MR layout and nimble 2.4 litre V6, the Dino is every bit the sports car that Ferrari has made famous. In sorts, the Dino was ground breaking for Ferrari as it was the first time they placed the engine in the middle of the chassis with the 206 GT, and another first when they used a V8 in the 308 GT4. I absolutely adore the 246GT and it has a place on my list of top ten Ferraris of all times. The design is classic and both useful and beautiful as Ferrari decided to keep it for the 308GTB(S) and 328 GTB(S).


Mansory Maxes Out the Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bavarian exotic auto tuner Mansory, designers of the wicked Vincero
Bugatti Veyron, have turned to famed British marque Bentley for their
latest creation, a characteristically killer version of the
Continental GT Speed. Presented in stealth-wealth matte black, custom
front and rear aprons form a unit with the sideskirts giving the car a
more aggressive appearance and aiding airflow, thus improving the
handling by increasing downforce along with a new rear lip mounted to
the boot lid.

The already impressive 6.0L W12 engine has been kicked up by 75 hp for
a total of 685 hp, mostly due to a new exhaust system with four
angular chrome tailpipes – an awesome "screw you" to anyone following
behind. A new sports air filter and adjustments to the ECU kick in
with an additional 111lb-ft of torque, helping the matte monster hit a
new top speed of about 216 mph. Rounding things off we get custom
alloy wheels, an air suspension control unit keeping the car even
closer to the pavement, and two-tone black and beige quilted leather
seats inside soft as one very expensive baby's ass.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sky Moon Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Repeater in Platinum

You may have heard the expression "You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you are merely looking after it for the next generation."? It's as true as can be. No other watchmaker, except perhaps Rolex, has reached the same level of worldwide recognition as Patek Philippe. They also make some of the most expensive watches on the planet. And this is proper expensive craftsmanship, not like some hacks gluing diamonds and other shiny objects to the exterior of watches - think Jacob the Jeweler, or look at the wrist of any Hip Hip artist. No, the only jewels you'll find on a Patek are on the inside, where they belong. 

The reason for using jewels in a watch movement is because of two natural properties found in them: 1. They can be made incredibly smooth and, 2. They are extremely hard so they don't wear down easily. This is important in order to reduce friction in the watch. The gears of the movement are designed so that the teeth roll smoothly on each other instead of sliding. If the axle of a gear wears away the hole that it sits in, the gear will shift. That means the teeth will no longer roll on each other and therefore friction will be increased.  

The latest adventure from Patek Philippe comes in the shape of a Sky Moon Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Repeater in Platinum with reference number 5002 and is currently the world record holder as the most expensive modern watch in the world. At an auction at Hong Kong Sotheby's it fetched $1,490,000! It is not only the most expensive watch, it is also the most complicated watch ever produced by Patek Phillipe and features its first ever double-face wristwatch.

How complicated is Complicated?
Mechanical manually wound movement
Caliber R TO 27 QR SID LU CL
Minute repeater with tourbillon escapement
Chime with two “cathedral“ gongs activated by a slide piece in the case
Front side:
  Perpetual calendar with retrograde date hand
  Hours and minutes of mean solar time
  Day, month, leap year by hands
  Moon age
  Crown at 4 o'clock: setting of the time and winding
  Opaline-white dial with embossed Calatrava cross motif, gold applied Roman numerals
  9 hands
Reverse side
  Sidereal time, skychart, phase and orbit of the moon 
  Crown at 8 o'clock (24-hour scale): correction of sky/moon indications
  Case is humidity and dust protected only (not water resistant)
Case diameter: 42.8 mm


Terrafugia Transition Flying Car is Airborne

U.S.-based Terrafugia brought the flying car one step closer to
reality the other day with the successful maiden flight of its
Transition Roadable Aircraft. The flight test came after six months of
road and taxi testing for the two-seat light sport plane / auto
hybrid, designed to take off and land at local airports and drive on
any road. Equipped with foldable wings and standard automobile tires,
and able to be refilled at any gas pump, the Transition transforms
from plane in less than 30 seconds.

 With a projected range of 400 nautical miles, a gross take-off weight
of 1,320 lbs and a 100 hp Rotax engine, the vehicle is good for a
cruising speed of 100 knots in the air and highway speeds on the road.
Pricing is expected to be round €150,000 with delivery slated for next
year, following full certification of a pre-production prototype.
Terrafugia was founded in 2006 by award-winning MIT-trained
aeronautical engineers and MBA's who also happen to be passionate
private pilots. Hell yes, we want one.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

58M Ethereal: The Ultimate in Eco-Luxury

Ethereal, the new 58-metre sailing superyacht built by Royal Huisman
Shipyard, is one of the most ecologically sound and technologically
advanced craft ever launched, especially in the super-luxury category.
Created by Ron Holland Design and Pieter Beeldsnijder Yacht Design,
she features a hybrid electro-mechanical propulsion system can
re-charge her lithium polymer battery bank through the drive train
under sail rather than relying on generators. The Ethereal will be
able to raise anchor, motor, hoist sails and run ship's systems from
quiet, stored electrical power.

Outwardly the yacht is all classic good looks; a graceful
world-cruising ketch with sheer, easy-on-the-eye superstructure and
beautifully appointed accommodation. Her winged keel increases
windward sailing performance, whilst underwater appendages have been
faired for lowest possible drag. Ethereal's rig is well-balanced
between main and mizzen and includes two large furling jibs, main and
mizzen staysails and an MPS for outstanding performance in a wide
range of conditions. Other eco-friendly features include LED lighting,
"green" flooring, and specially treated glass hatches that turn opaque
to preserve air-conditioning.

Hell bent on speed!

How I love people that dare to step outside normal boundaries but still manage to retain the style vital to their persona. A matte black Murcielago isn't really what most people would consider appropriate, but I'd say it's a hell of a lot better than any red BMW. I have long been a proponent of matte, paint jobs as they differ from the norm without retorting to flames and trucker motifs, like naked ladies or fairytale figures (he must really love Zorro).

Another aspect of matte paint is that you can't get pigeonholed like you would in a black Range Rover Sport with tinted windows (drug dealer) or the preposterous Porsche (idiot), although you need to be careful with just what you colour in matte, or else the whole idea will turn faster than King Midas' ugly cousin turned things into crap, instead of gold. A matte sports car (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg), fine but steer clear of tarting up a Rolls Royce, Maybach or Bentley as that's the equivalent of hair plugs - tragic.

The fact that he has also mounted a ski box, matching the car's colour goes to show that creativity takes you a long way. Let me hear the grandfather, a survivor of the Great Depression, say that skiing is an honest job. Didn't think so. Sure, an RS6 could've probably gotten the job done as well, or better, than a Murcielago, but that's beside the point, in that Jon Olsson's trademark is doing what no one has done before, be it big air jumps or fitting ski boxes to Lambos. Yes, I said Lambos, plural. He had (or still has, not sure) a Gallardo also fitted with a ski box, and the whole sha-bang was painted in snow camouflage.

Jon Olsson is a world reknowned free skier.

Monday, March 23, 2009

IMSA Introduces Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 GTV

German exotic auto tuner IMSA has added the latest souped-up supercar
to its powerful portfolio, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 GTV. IMSA
concentrated most of its efforts under the bonnet, boosting power up
to 600 hp, a 40 hp increase over the factory model. Exterior
modifications are mostly confined to carbon fibre upgrades seen in
wider fenders, a tweaked front apron and rear diffuser, with a custom
set of double-spoke locking alloy wheels for dessert.

A custom adjustable suspension and upgraded brakes boasting eight
pistons up front and six in back give the car's performance and added
kick. Inside the cockpit, a mélange of alcantara and leather is used
to further refine the interior, while aluminum and lightweight carbon
fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) enhance the cabin's trim. All in all
it's a significant step up from IMSA's last Lambo, its relatively
understated jazzed-up Gallardo LP560. Check out the bright yellow
paintjob, for one thing.

Watch to Wear?

The watch is an essential part of a man's get up. He either sports one, or he doesn't. We can immediately exclude the ones without watches as, 1. They'd never, ever read this. 2. You can't trust them. A man without a watch is a man living outside society and he's probably wishing for the death of capitalism so we can all wear shaggy, ill-fitting wool sweaters with neck holes the size of Arizona. The man with a watch can be categorised into two camps; the one who only need one to tell time, and the other for whom the watch is both an instrument and an accessory.

The abundance of watches readily available for men to choose from can make for many wasted minutes in deciding which one to get and this is where I step in. In my guide to watches to wear in 2009 - part 1, I will talk about the Rolex Prince.

There is no doubt that the Rolex Prince was a product of its times. It was born in the 1920s, during a period of experimentation and a departure from the classic round watch. It reached its zenith in the 1930s, when a world in the midst of a Depression wanted to retain something stylish and luxurious. Despite its fine and cleverly designed movement, the Prince really was an exercise in style and a great one at that. Rolex has now brought back the Prince in their Cellini collection which goes perfectly with the current times although I would recommend acquiring a vintage instead.

The flared Prince is often referred to as the Prince Brancard. Here seen in gold, and one of my favourite watches. This particular one (with reference number 1490, smaller than the 971) has a two tone silver finish, with lighter minute and seconds chapter circles. The black enamel numerals are full Arabic with blued steel baton hands.

It may not be the watch you start your collection with; however you certainly need one if you are serious about collecting.

Rolex Prince on JamesList

Friday, March 20, 2009

Curvelle Unveils 33M Dual Hull Motoryacht

Fractional ownership specialist Curvelle has released details of its new 33-metre dual hull motoryacht, due to start construction this year at the renowned Cheoy Lee Shipyard. Dubbed the Curvelle 33X9 and designed by catamaran experts Incat Crowther Naval Architects, fractional ownerships will be available at 1 million for five weeks cruising per year in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. With two floating hulls the yacht is not only substantially more stable but more fuel efficient as well, requiring about 30% less thrust than a monohull to deliver a 22 knot cruising speed.


A flexible cabin arrangement has been developed to suit multiple owners. Six luxury double ensuite staterooms can be easily converted into three jumbo suites. Every guest space offers superb views through extra large windows and beautifully designed glass partitions. The broad-beamed Curvelle 33X9 offers lounging and alfresco dining on three deck levels. Up to eight owners will own 100% of the equity in the yacht, while a management company will handle crew appointments, logistics and maintenance.

Rally King

Ari Vatanen aside, my all time favourite rally driver is Henri Toivonen. He drove one of these, almost. His car was a mid-engined group B monster with upwards of 600 hp and faster to 100km/h than a Bugatti Veyron. The Evo II settles for 215 hp and 0 - 100 km/h in 5.7 s. Pretty damn fast for a hot hatch. Unfortunately, Mr Toivonen perished in a terrible crash on Tour de Corse in 1986. Rest his soul.


The Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v Evoluzione II is the last incarnation of what started out as prototype 037 in 1981, developed into the Delta S4 and finally became the HF Integrale.

Lancia was as successful in rallying with the HF as AIG is now at fucking things up financially. With a total of 46 WRC wins and holding the constructor's title for a record 6 years straight between 1987 and 1992, the HF Integrale Evo is a true Hall of Famer.


All men growing up in the 80ies have, at one time or another, thought of trading a night with their girlfriend for a chance to drive the HF Integrale. I guarantee that an Evo II would give more pleasure than the girlfriend in the same timespan. Try it and you'll see.



Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blancpain Brings Out the New 500 Fathoms

In the lead up to BaselWorld 2009 at the end of the month, Swiss watchmaker Blancpain has released details on its new 500 Fathoms timepiece, the big sister of its now famous Fifty Fathoms diving watch. Billed as a more high-performance and high-tech version of the latter, the 500 Fathoms is water resistant to 1000 metres and comes equipped with a helium decompression valve that is vital when diving in a closed environment. The 500 Fathoms is fitted with a 48 mm-diameter brushed titanium case, a new threshold for Blancpain.


Large phosphorescent Arabic numerals are hollowed into the sunray-brushed metal appliqus for optimum readability under water. The luminescent base of the black dial reveals its fluorescence only in the dark, while the date appears in white against a black background at 4 oclock. The unidirectional ratcheted bezel facilitates handling and avoids any involuntary extension of the dive time. The 500 Fathoms is powered by the self-winding Calibre 1315, specifically designed to equip Blancpains sports watches. It comes on a rugged, watertight strap in rubber-lined black sail canvas.


See Blancpain watches on JamesList

What Credit Crunch?

In a world where one man's plight is another man's fig tree, the quest of specialdom is something nearly universal. What better way to display your new found sense of self than upping the ante with a jet?

Nothing screams success quite like the loudness of a jet. Trust me, I fueled fighter jets at 15. My ears are still ringing.

Now that even whatshisname, Mr Diddy, has started wearing his shoes twice before throwing them out, you can begin your clawing to the top. Think also of all the money you'll be saving by not having to pay any rent for a flat as you can live on the plane.  It'll be just like Crockett in Miami Vice, except he lived on a boat, was handsome and brooding and was friends with Elvis.

It's all about survival these days. Everyone is left fending for themselves. With a plane you can go Panda hunting in China one week and noise polluting the Grand Canyon the next, all without leaving your home. If you're still dreaming of bagging Mariah Carey and putting a ring on her finger, this is the way to go. It's big enough to fit a music studio and her shoe collection, don't you worry.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gemballa Carbon Edition Mirage GT

World-renowned Porsche tuner Gemballa has come out with a new variation on the 980 Carrera GT. Unlike some of the creations from Gemballa, located just 20km from the Porsche plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, the Carbon Edition Mirage GT is focused more on styling than raw power. Exposed carbon fiber accents, a black-on-white color scheme, custom alloy wheels, and red brake calipers and headlight detailing give the Carbon Edition its exotic flair.


Gemballa has been issuing special editions of the Carerra GT since 2006. The Carbon Edition has 670 hp, about 50 hp more than the stock Carrera GT (but 80 hp less than some of Gemballas other modified versions) along with 465lb-ft. of torque. That takes it from 0 - 62 mph in 3.7 seconds, and up to 124 mph in just 9.7 seconds. For those keeping score at home, thats two tenths of a second off the stock times, while the extra juice allows the Carbon Edition to top out at 208 mph.

BMW Launches Limited Edition R1200RT

BMW has announced plans to produce a limited edition of its beautiful R1200RT touring bike. In addition to the R1200RTs already notable performance and long-distance touring abilities is added a laundry list of extra features making this one of the most comfortable and luxurious motorcycles on the road. These include heated grips, heated seats, a premium sound system, cruise control, Automatic Stability Control (ASC) system, electronic tire pressure monitoring system and a wardrobe trunk.

Only 200 examples will be made in sapphire black metallic finish at a price of 13,500. The R1200RTs 110 hp low-center-of-gravity twin-cylinder 1200cc Boxer engine puts out 85 ft. lbs. of torque. It can do 220 km/h and reach a standing quarter mile in 12.2 seconds. A Ducati might kick its ass on the straightaways, but its hard to beat this baby for creature comforts, and unlike most grand tourers it won't make you look like you're riding a two-wheeled Winnebago.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Your Car Isn't Good Enough

The first ever helicopter certified for civilian transport, the Bell 47 first flew in 1945. More than 64 years ago! Featured in numerous films, and probably most famous for its constant disturbance of the peace in the M.A.S.H. film and subsequent series, the Bell 47 is the iconic helicopter.
You now have a chance to acquire a piece of history for only €120.000. Think of how smart you'll look arriving at the party or cruising around town in your own Bell 47. No longer will you have to compete with tossers in run of the mill Ferrari 430s, Lamborghini Gallardos or Porsche 997s. Instead you have the sky to yourself, no red lights to slow you down and the aeronautical vibrations will make even the most stubborn of females want to come back to your bachelor's lair for a nightcap.
It takes a real man to be able to handle two sticks simultaneously while making pleasant conversation and flying, and those aviator shades you bought can now finally come to good use.
Anyone can drive a sports car with the top down at 50km/h down the high street and score some looks, but how many do you know that can fly a helicopter? I didn't think so.
the Bell 47 on JamesList

Chris-Craft's New Lancer GT

Florida-based Chris-Craft, famed for its classic mahogany hulled powerboats first produced in the 1920s, mixes its watersports with motorsports in its latest model, the Lancer GT. The company will start taking pre-orders soon for the 20-foot runabout, priced at approximately 65,000. Though it harkens back to Chris-Crafts golden oldies, the boat is actually based on a concept originally developed with automotive giant GM, who helped add speed to style.
With what they've termed future engine technology from Mercury Marine, the Lancer GT is equipped with a 377 Magnum engine kicking out around 325 hp for an impressive top speed of about 70 mph. The craft's state-of-the-art components include a digital dash and throttle, and the cockpit would not be amiss in an open-topped sports car. The demo model features a cherry red hull set off by a beige leather interior. Its more than a step-up from the companys original Lancer as seen in Mission: Impossible II, and certainly no slouch in the water.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Aston Martin Angling for 50th Anniversary Le Mans Win

50 years after racing legend Carroll Shelby won a stunning outright
victory at Le Mans in an Aston Martin DBR1, the famed British marque
is making a fresh attempt at the title with a brand new car. Aston
Martin will field two works teams in the LMP1 class, and the vehicle
(above) in question just made an impressive debut at France's famous
Paul Ricard Circuit. The famed race will be held over a 24-hour period
during the weekend of June 13-14 at Le Mans in Sarthe, France.

The LMP1 cars headed to Le Mans are decked out in chief sponsor Gulf
Oil's eye-catching blue and orange colors, harkening back to the days
of Steve McQueen. The car's chassis is a 2008 Charouz Racing System
Lola powered by a production-based Aston Martin V12 engine, the same
one that has powered the DBR9 to a GT1 title at Le Mans for the last
two years. "Racing has been, and still is at the heart of Aston
Martin," Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez stated. "Our cars today are
subtle, elegant and handcrafted but they still have the genes for

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brown, it’s the New Black!

Black is a colour that fades and eventually turns into grey, thus
making the need for a replacement imminent.

In an economy where every day is a struggle and opulent consumption
may be regarded as somewhat suspicious, the lavish extravaganza of
ostentatious consumer behaviour has switched to smart buying.

In the sixties, AmEx awarded success gold status, in the eighties it
was platinum and finally, in 1999 came the Centurion Card (or black).
Black spawned a revolution in marketing where everything all of a
sudden was black this or black that, and while this was once the
epitome of success, it's now seen as remains of a bygone era. Instead
customers will look for smarter ways of looking wealthy and affluent
by turning to brown instead.

Just like the luxurious Brown's Hotel in London is understated and
discreet, the new era of brown will involve less Champagne partying
and more sophisticated mingle with a cocktail; less Euro Disco and
more Beat Bossa; less trinkets and more substance; less being the
scene of the party, more not even being seen at parties. Think of it
like the difference between Posh Spice – Black, and Tina Fey – Brown.
It's not enough to just be rich and able to brag about it, now you
need class too and that is not something you have with a fist full of

It's now also time [sic] to forget about the huge slabs of metal
poised upon the wrist of many a swaggering man. Gone are the days
where the Rolex Yacht Master was an enviable piece of man jewellery,
instead the Prince or a simple Datejust is the wrist accoutrement to
enjoy. For all the bearers of oversize watches like the Cartier Santos
100, Hublot Big Bang and Audemars Piguet Offshore, use a watch that
doesn't reflect the size of your ego as there must be more you have to
offer the world.

In 2008 Porsche re-launched the classic brown metallic on the 997
Turbo Cabriolet and others soon followed suit, the latest being the
Mansory Bugatti Veyron Vincerò, however Bugatti themselves came out
with the Veyron "Fbg par Hermès" about a year ago already and are now
returning to their roots with the classic Bleu Royale colour from the
iconic Type 35. Hermès has also collaborated with Eurocopter,
resulting in the magnificent l'Hélicptère and the Costes Yachting
Perle' is a joy to behold in its sobriety of natural colouring. Of
course, they're all featured in brown.

Brown is not only a new concept, but the muted tones of brown also
convey a feeling of subdued elegance, a tactful way of exploring the
quality of life and if you still insist on sitting with a Cristal
Jeroboam at your local establishment, you had better have a face like
Doutzen Kroes, or you will be very lonely.

By the way, I am looking forward to the new Brown Card from any major
credit card supplier and it shan't have money as its foremost
requirement, but style.

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Platinum Yachts to Unveil 88M Triton in Abu Dhabi

At the inaugural Abu Dhabi Yacht Show this weekend, Platinum Yachts, a
subsidiary of Dubai World Company Dry Docks World, will unveil its
newest megayacht, the 88-metre diesel / electric Triton. Built for a
European tycoon, the luxurious Triton features a single deck engine
room offering improved circulation and mobility. This allows for a
considerably more spacious interior for guests onboard, as well as a
very large 'beach' area accompanied by a swimming pool, sunbathing
area and wet bar.

The vessel's exterior lines were designed by Australia's renowned Sam
Sorgiovanni, combined with the Netherlands' Azure Naval Architects.
Platinum Yachts, which built the 160-metre Platinum, one of the
world's largest yachts, is currently engaged in two other megayacht
projects as well as a number of repair and refitting contracts. The
company will be moving its operations to new purpose built premises
within Dubai Maritime City where they will be opening their new
shipbuilding facility, Drydocks World Dubai shipyard.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Urwerk Unveils the UR103T

Avant-garde Geneva-based Urwerk makes some of the world's most
unique-looking timepieces, throwing watchmaking conventions to the
wind. Their latest creation, the UR103T, does not disappoint. At the
heart of the black-on-black watch is an orbital cross crafted from
ARCAP, an incredibly stable copper/nickel alloy, designed to look like
the legs of a tarantula. The orbital cross wraps around the hour
satellites like a giant, deadly spider seizing its prey. The unique
configuration ensures that the numbers on the hour satellites can only
be seen when they are required to tell the time while passing the arc
of the minutes.

As with all Urwerk creations, there are some timekeeping pyrotechnics
involved. The satellites rotate simultaneously behind the scenes in
multiple stages, in preparation for their turn to indicate the time.
Each satellite actually completes four 120° turns in the period
between leaving the minute arc and arriving again with a new numeral
displaying. The orbital satellite complication is over 300 times
heavier than traditional hands. The watch's distinctive black case of
the UR103T is crafted from stainless steel and features an exclusive
aluminum/titanium nitride treatment.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cops & Robbers

There is German precision engineering, and then there's the sound a Harley Davidson makes. I would say it's a battle between the mind and the heart; the heart wants what the heart wants and the mind can only try its best to reason, but will ultimately fail if the heart is strong enough.
That is why this Harley Davidson Road King ex Police is worth taking a second look at, because if you have to be in the force, make sure it's on a motorbike as they always get the best uniforms.
It still has the Police livery and working blues & twos, and since it's a police issue vehicle, there is only a single seat which makes you so much more attractive with the ladies. If you're practising the love 'em 'n leave 'em kind of approach with emotionally unstable women with father issues.
Not great for chasing armed bank robbers but just fantastic if you want to cruise around basking in your newfound attention.


RENNTECH & Brabus Celebrate the G-Wagen’s 30th

While Mercedes-Benz recently debuted its predictably staid tribute to
the G-Class SUV's 30th anniversary, RENNTECH has come up with
something a little sexier. The US-based Mercedes expert, in
conjunction with European-based luxury vehicle design and tuning firm
Platune, just debuted its G-Wagen Concept, designed to be the ultimate
urban assault vehicle. Forget aerodynamics; the RENNTECH G is a
steroidal, blocky beast. Oversized wheels, bumpers, fenders and
flanges abound on the diesel-drinker.

Meanwhile, rival Mercedes tuner Brabus has its own take on the
three-decade old Geländewagen. The Brabus G V12 S features a 6.3-liter
twin-turbo V12 producing a whopping 700 horsepower and about 1000
lb-ft of torque. It can do 0 - 100 km/h in only 4.3 seconds and tops
out at 240 km/h. For €379,000 you also get custom wheels, a body kit,
a glossy black paintjob, LED lighting and a really nice stereo. For
those of you keeping score at home, that's about €279,000 more than
Mercedes factory's own top-of-the-line G-Wagen.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Faster, Further, Smarter: The New Emivest SJ30

Got €6.5 million to spare and a hankering for a bespoke business jet?
Emivest Aerospace is now taking orders for the SJ30, the world's
fastest, longest range and highest flying light jet. The SJ30 is the
first aircraft of its kind in the business jet segment to retain sea
level cabin pressure at 41,000 ft and reach a top flying height of
49,000 ft. But the fun doesn't stop there; it also just set a new
world speed record from London to Dubai, doing the trip in just seven
hours and seven minutes including a fuel stop in Istanbul.

The company was founded late last year when Emirates Investment and
Development Company acquired an 80% interest in US-based Sino
Swearingen Aircraft Corporation, named for aviation pioneer Ed
Swearingen. He first mapped out plans for the SJ30 in the 1980s,
visualizing a jet built for speed and distance with a luxe interior.
The single-pilot certified six-seater's constant cabin pressure helps
keep jet lag at bay, and it can fly more than 2,800 miles nonstop at
speeds up to 630 mph.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Man or Moustache?

How is it possible to look so cool in a moustache? I still envy the one Tom Selleck used to sport. Maybe it had something to do with the car? But then Tom Selleck managed to look cool out if it too, the car I mean, not the moustache. He drove the GTS straight into our collective hearts and stayed there. We still like him despite all the crap he's made since his last acceptable film, Three Men and a Baby, and when he showed up in those Friends episodes, he did that on the merit of having excessive leg hair, a hair helmet and being best friends with a Ferrari 308, in the 80's. That is a true testament to having created something iconic.

Italian men have never been afraid to embrace their feminine side, and so the homoerotisicm of handling a long, manual gearshift while wearing tailored trousers and a bespoke shirt is really a non issue in comparison with American made muscle and over compensation.
Remember that next time a Yank shouts "tight pants" at you from a pick up truck.


Cagiva Prepping New Superbike?

Cagiva, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer recently brought back to
life by Harley-Davidson, is rumored to be working on a slick new
superbike dubbed the Schiranna. The bike's name comes from the town in
Varese where Giovanni Castiglioni first founded the firm in 1950. In
2008 Harley acquired Cagiva along with its parent company, MV Augusta.
Using an upgraded and modified version of Buell's 1125 engine
producing 140+ hp, the Schiranna (rendering above) would be a
supersport bike in the classic Italian mould, competing with the
Ducati 1198.

While we're waiting for the Schiranna, Cagiva has begun production of
its smaller two-stroke sports model, the Mito SP525, the latest
evolution of the famous and much-loved 125cc. The engine is
two-stroke, liquid cooled equipped with the ECS (Electronic
Carburetion System), designed to administer exactly the right amount
of fuel (both the air/petrol and oil mix), developed in collaboration
with Dell'Orto. Not the Schiranna by a long shot, but not too shabby.
Of course in the wake of Design Chief Massimo Tamburini recent exit
from the company, anything could happen.

For The Despot To Be

Do you feel underappreciated at work? Is your wife not giving you the respect you require? Have you had drinks thrown in your face at bars? Are you short? Fret no more, once you acquire this Maybach Landaulet all those problems will seem distant and you can embark on your quest of taking over the world. This car will give you instant power, women will trip over themselves trying to get to you first and money will fall in your lap.

This is the perfect vehicle for letting your subjects know who's in charge.
Make surpise visits at weapons factories to get some samples for your private collection, you can even have your own cannon towed behind the vehicle as the engine has lots and lots of power. Fancy a hunt? You don't even have to step outside, just stand up and rest the rifle against the super soft puppy leather covering the pillars.


With the Maybach Landaulet you can start your own country in minutes. Don't hesitate. If you call within 15 minutes, we'll even help you design your new presidential palace, free of charge.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Superyacht-Meets-Schooner: The Great Nautilus 50M

By the end of the year Sultan Marine Superyachts plans to launch its
newest creation, the 50-metre Great Nautilus, currently in the final
construction stages at their yard in Bodrum, Turkey. The
super-schooner, conceived by Evan K. Marshall, is designed to blend
the classic grace of a large sailing yacht with the luxury of a
state-of-the-art motor cruiser, with both sail and powerful twin
engines to propel her. The ship's 900-plus sq.-metres of sail provide
more than 12 knots with minimal heel.

Inside, lavish wood and marble finishes, including cherry, burl and
onyx, flourish. The large master stateroom located on the main deck
features an owner's study, his and hers bathrooms and walk-in
wardrobes. The main salon and dining room have floor-to-ceiling
windows and there is a full beam upper deck sky lounge and bar, a
sundeck, spa pool and flybridge. There are also three large VIP
staterooms and two twin guest staterooms, delivering accommodation for
up to 12 guests with space for a crew of 10 to serve them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EDO Competition Bentley GT Speed

Exotic auto tuner EDO Competition of Ahlen, Germany, has come out with
their latest customized bruiser: a black-and-white Bentley GT Speed
billed as the world's most powerful GT. The company has boosted the
already mighty Bentley 6.0-liter W12 engine by 70 hp for a grand total
of 680 hp, as well as increasing the torque from 750 Nm (553 ft-lb) to
880 Nm (649 ft-lb). Thanks to the extra juice the car can now do 0-100
km/h in just 4.2seconds and hit a top speed of over 340 km/h.

Starting with the engine, the ECU has received a recalibration as well
as a high-flow, stainless steel exhaust with an adjustable sound level
control so you can flip it from a whisper to a roar. A new air
suspension system that allows you to lower the front and rear of the
vehicle by up to 35 millimeters for improved handling capability is
also fully adjustable by remote control. Though the demo model is
trimmed in an aggressive black and white scheme, custom exterior
colours are also on offer.

Why Players Matter

Do you remember the film Showgirls in which the young girl Nomi, played by Elizabeth Banks, travels to Las Vegas in hope of becoming a showgirl? She starts out as an exotic dancer in a seedy club, but soon lands a part in the hottest show in town, Goddess. Tired of her old rags, she spends her first paycheck on a new dress from Versace and tells everyone she meets that the new dress she bought is indeed a "Versase". I am thinking that this is the car equivalent of that dress. Just think of the young "player" coming up in the world, he's probably a regular at hotspots like Las Vegas, St. Tropez or Ibiza, and he's springing for his first real wheels. Of course it's going to be a Lamborghini Murciélago LP-640 Versace Edition, for sale, right here at JamesList.com

Not new, but lighter and faster.

Ferrari's latest track car, set to be a "technological laboratory" and according to Ferrari "aimed at a select group of clients" is labeled the 599xx. The engineers have boosted the engines power output to 700hp at 9000rpm by working on the combustion chambers and inlet and exhaust tracts. With some serious windtunnel enforced modifications, the 599xx boasts carbon ceramic brake pads, a new "Actiflow" system which helps increase downforce and lower drag, winglets on the buttresses and F1-derived "doughnuts" cover the brakes. Naturally there have been extensive use of carbon fibre and other exclusive and ultra light materials. It's not everyday a regular 599 GTB Fiorano equipped with the new GTE handling pack seems ordinary.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Netherlands Haute Horlogerie: The Grönefeld GTM06

It used to be that if you wanted to be taken seriously in the world of
haute horlogerie you had to be based in Switzerland, or all bets were
off. While Geneva is still the undisputed center of the watchmaking
world, some renegades are showing that if the work is good enough, it
doesn't really matter which country you call home. Witness the young
Dutch brothers Bart and Tim Grönefeld, who started their eponymous
firm in the Netherlands.

Their first Grande Complication timepiece, the GTM06, proves the point
with style and exclusivity to spare. With a bold, spacious case
featuring a tourbillon and minute repeater, and the movement itself
forming the middle of the dial, an extremely limited edition of only
10 pieces are being produced in 18kt gold and platinum, at a price of
about €350,000 each. It is of course the most complicated wristwatch
ever created in the Netherlands, but it's bound to garner plenty of
attention around the world.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Koenigsegg to Unveil New Quant in Geneva

Swedish supercar marque Koenigsegg will present a mysterious new
model, dubbed the Quant, at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The
newest extreme vehicle from the makers of the CCX line of exotics is
being billed as an all-new platform, which insiders speculate improves
on the CCX's already awesome 800+ hp. According to some rumors the
Quant will be a four-seater, either sedan or GT-style 2+2, so a
roomier interior is a given.

As with their ultra-limited CCXR Edition, the Quant is expected to be
made primarily of carbon fiber, including the chassis. Part of its
equipment is expected to include an innovative new multimedia system
with touchscreen featuring MP3, Bluetooth, iPod sync, and climate
control capabilities, as well as tracking power and torque at the
wheels, lap times and various other performance metrics. A new
lighter, smaller double-clutch gearbox meanwhile is said to be capable
of 30ms shifts.